PAT Testing

PAT TESTING, or PORTABLE APPLIANCE TESTING, (also ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE TESTING) must be undertaken in order for Companies and organisations to fully comply with the Electricity At Work Regulations. PAT Testing is required for Health & Safety reasons because, during everyday use, electrical appliances can become worn or damaged and subsequently pose an Electric Shock Hazard to users or a potential Fire Risk to a building.

In order to prevent appliances becoming unsafe a proper maintenance schedule is essential for businesses and organisations. PAT Testing is a documented system of electrical maintenance which companies are required to undertake periodically on all their portable appliances.

What exactly are Portable Appliances?

Portable Appliances are items of electrical equipment that can be moved from area to area and are connected to the supply via a plug and socket system. Basically every item within your premises with a plug will need testing.

Why Do Portable Electrical Appliances Need Testing?

Important reasons for carrying out Portable Appliance Testing include:

  • Adherence to the Health & Saftety at Work Act 1974
  • Compliance with the Electricity At Work Regulations 1989
  • Minimise Fire Risks due to faulty/ damaged electrical equipment
  • Minimise Electric Shock Hazards due to faulty/ damaged electrical equipment
  • Insurance companies cannot dispute claims for damage through fire because of insufficient electrical maintenance
  • The ISO 9000 Quality Assurance Standard requires all companies to comply with the Health and Safety requirements
  • Maintain the safety of employees, visitors and customers

How Often Is PAT TESTING Carried Out?

Generally we advise that PAT Testing should be carried out annually. However it does depend on the workplace environment and the type of use received by the equipment which is to be tested. For example, workshop tools may be more susceptible to damage than a computer monitor in an office. If you need guidance regarding frequency of testing then contact Simply Electrical 0208 226 4625 and we can assist you in choosing the correct periods between testing.

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